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Few things are as satisfying as being part of our customers growth and success. We love sharing their stories as they become a part of our own story and purpose.  At Daily Greens™, they're driven to help people live the best lives they can. Shauna Martin, Daily Greens™' founder, discovered her passion for green juice and its benefits following her battle with breast cancer as a young mom. Fully recovered and thriving years later, Shauna makes sure she does two things every day: Give thanks for another day with her family and friends. And of course, drink her Daily Greens.

Watch the video, get inspired and discover how Consensus and SAP Business One are helping Shauna and her team make their green juice bottles available and affordable for everyone.

And, if you want to jump-start your health,  re-set your energy and look and feel better than ever, make sure to visit their Green Juice shop and choose your favorite green juice, green ade or cleanse kit. We´re sure you won´t regret it!