Biz.One is the SAP Business One Users Event of the Year!

Sponsored by Consensus, the launch of the reinvigorated and reimagined Business One conference – Biz.ONE – in Anaheim, California on October 23-25, 2017 builds on five successful years of bringing together SMEs that use SAP’s Business One platform to drive their organizations.

Having interviewed 50+ customer organizations, Eventful Conferences – the producer of Biz.ONE – has uncovered not only the most critical and important topics that customers want to learn about, but the best formats and styles to deliver that content:

  • Learn from your peers – fellow customers sharing case studies, tips & tricks, learnings and strategies as they have overcome challenges using Business One
  • Technology & industry thought leaders – delivering workshops and tutorials focused on how to better use the solutions you already own
  • SAP product managers – attendees engage directly with SAP as they share the roadmap of what is coming down the pipeline, and the nuggets of gold embedded in the future technology upgrades
  • VARs and 3rd party add-on solution providers – users discover what complimentary solutions are available to plug-in
  • Make your voice heard – SAP Business One users join influence sessions where customers can provide vendors and SAP with feedback and ideas to enhance the Business One experience

At Biz.ONE you can expect that the content on the agenda is driven by deep and authentic research into the community of users, identifying their needs and then finding the best case studies and stories that speak to those topics. Consensus is beyond thrilled to announce that 3 of the Successful Case Studies selected this year are Consensus Valued Customers Blue Trading, Andes Global Trading, and Interglass Cosporation. Our President, Andres Castrillon, will also be presenting one of the powerful workshops at the event. Don't miss any of these!:

Consensus Speakers at Biz.One

Tuesday, October 24th - Track 2 @11:10 am

BLUE TRADING (Ink and toner cartridges Recycling and Online Retailer)

Reverse Logistics and how to seamlessly integrate SAP Business One to become an Online Retailer

Alfredo Alvarado, CEO at Blue Trading, will be sharing his incredible story of how Consensus adapted SAP Business One to his Reverse Logistic model, overcoming multiple logistic challenges that no out-of-the-shelf ERP could solve. In his session, attendees will also learn about how he was later forced to completely reinvent himself to become an online retailer in order to survive, and how, together with the Consensus Team, he integrated SAP Business One with Channel Advisor and other online tools, making that new business model a reality and going from 6 hours of work to just pushing a button to get the reports he needed to make fast  and informed decisions in his day to day. 

Tuesday, October 24th - Track 3 @2:00 pm

INTERGLASS CORPORATION (Wholesale, Distribution and Fabrication of Glass and Mirror Products)

Using the Power of Excel as a Reporting Tool for Business One

Consensus implementation of SAP Business One as the center of all transactions and data collection because of the ability to cover all areas of the company for Interglass was a success, but when it comes to organizing all the information into a dynamic report that could have the form of a list, a dashboard, or a graph, Miguel Juliao, Finance Director at Interglass decided to connect Excel directly to B1’s SQL database. Join Mr. Juliao in his session to learn how Interglass succeeded at creating a culture where employees do not us Excel to input data. If that were to happen, it would negate the benefits of using a centralized data source in B1. By connecting Excel directly to SAP Business One and using it for reporting and data visibility, Interglass has all the benefits of Excel without any of the drawbacks.

Wednesday, October 25th - Track 4 @11:45 am

ANDES GLOBAL TRADING (International Meat Trading Company)

Visibility & Data in Business One Help Andes Global Trading Meet Their Brand Promise

ANDES GT is the fastest growing exporter to butcher shops, retailers, food distributors and meat packers across Mexico, Latin America and Canada. It has been named among the top 50 fastest growing companies and among the top 50 private companies by the South Florida business newspaper, and renowned ry. In Business Excellence by the Chamber of Commerce of the Greater Miami Area, in addition to the INC 5000 nomination (2017- Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing private companies in America). None of this extraordinary growth happened by chance. Join Sandy Almeida, Project Manager at Andes, to learn how the Consensus SAP Business One implementation settled the path from good to great for her Company. To honor their brand promise of delivering the perfect order to their customers, Consensus developed a Customer Portal integrated with SAP Business One that Sandy calls Control Tower, that gives total visibility to Andes employees and its valued customers into any order in real time. Service reaches excellence in an industry where timing and order information are crucial.

Wednesday, October 25th - Track 1 @10:55 am

Consensus Workshop (delivered by Andres Castrillon): Tips & Tricks for Inventory Management

It can be a real challenge to keep your Inventory Management optimized, when there are so many changing initiatives being made to address so many other areas of your business. Changes in technology, shifting demands from customers, market forces and other factors cause us to overlook the basics of inventory management and control.
What suffers is profitability and the ability to compete effectively in the marketplace.

In this session, attendees will learn:

    • How to evaluate your current inventory management by asking yourself 5 key questions
    • 4 Basic inventory principles you are able to put into practice today
    • Explain inventory replenishment strategies, from reorder point to MRP, and how to decide which one is the most appropriate for the different items
    • Recommended strategies for warehouse optimization, including warehouse layouts
    • Recommended tools for Inventory Management
    • How to apply the ABC Classification of Inventory Items to your Inventory.

Andres Castrillon will present real-life examples from customers, who have experienced different challenges, and how those were solved applying these concepts, using standard functionality from SAP Business One, and some queries and reports we have created for our customers, which we will share with the attendees.

Enjoy Biz.One and follow us to get the latest from SAP Business One!!!