SAP Business One shortcut keys

SAP Business one shortcuts keys

Shortcut: a shorter alternative route, an accelerated way of doing or achieving something. You might sometimes feel like you would like to slow down instead of accelerating things even more, but if you are a shortcut fan, you'll ideally get more time to slow down after you've finished doing your work (faster :)) using this shortcuts on an SAP Business One Table.

Table shortcuts on SAP Business One Tables

Task Shortcut
Add a row Ctrl + I
Duplicate a row Ctrl + M
Delete a row Ctrl + K
Sort table by column in ascending order Double-click column header
Sort table by column in descending order Alt + double-click column header
Display detailed information about a row Ctrl + L
Go to the first row Ctrl + H
Go to the last row Ctrl + E
Copy from cell above Ctrl + ↑


My personal favorite is the last one, copying from the cell above! Which one is your favorite Table shortcut? Do you use shortcuts when working on SAP Business One?

Stay tuned for more shortcuts in Sales and Purchasing Documents and General Shortcuts in SAP Business One in the coming weeks!