Consensus and Mater Filius

At Consensus, we're committed to giving back to the community. We want to intruduce you to a mission that is dearest to our hearts, with the hope that its goal will move you to action.

Mater Filius Miami is a non-profit organization created to help pregnant women who find themselves without the support of family or who are experiencing financial difficulties. 
The mission is to safeguard the life of the unborn child and defend the dignity of the child’s mother, regardless of how the child was conceived.
Mater Filius’ vision is to help expectant mothers learn about good parenting through the caring and support of our volunteers, many of whom are mothers themselves. Mothers and their babies receive services at Mater Filius for up to eight months following the birth of the child. During this time, mothers will discover the great blessing that has entered their life.

As a member of our business community, your direct purchases from Consensus supports Mater Filius every day. Your commitment to us has a direct connection to supporting this amazing project. We thank you for that opportunity to not only make a difference in your company, but to the world.

This is just the beginning. Come back often to learn more about how we give back. 

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