Celebrating SAP Business One 60,000th Customer Milestone!

SAP Business One has reached a very important landmark: It has surpassed the 60,000th customer milestone mark!

This is excellent news for us and our customers, as Business One continues its impressive growth path. 

In the words of Bernd Leukert, member of the Executive Board of SAP SE, Products and Innovation ´As a strategic differentiator for small and midsize businesses across the world, SAP Business One is an important vehicle that brings them the power of the intelligent ERP.(...)¨ This achievement shows, as he added " The positive feedback from the market validates SAP Business One as exactly the type of solution that small and midsize business want: It is easy to implement and offers end-to-end functionality that is thightly integrated between different business functions while enabling access to a comprehensive portfolio of industry-specific solutions"

Luis Murguia, SVP, Global Customer and Partner Operations, SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign, highlighted in his announcement article the following facts, to place this achievement in the proper context:

1) Over one million end users from more than 60,000 SMBs across 170 countries use the solution every day to transform the way they work. (Let that sink in for a moment!)

2) SAP Business One contributes at least half of all new customer acquisitions for SAP in the SMB space with over 1,000 new customers added each quarter.

3) Even at this very moment, SAP Business One continues its accelerated growth streak — providing deep expertise in multiple industries and over 500 industry-specific add-on solutions delivered through 300 software partners!

4) Technologies such as natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things built on top of SAP HANA make SAP Business One the intelligent ERP of choice for SMBs.

The key to SAP Business One success is that everyone at the SAP Business One team works hard to ensure our customers - and our customer's customers- are successful in their everyday operations. Your success is SAP Business One success too!

Read Luis Murguia full article in Medium.