Meet the Team: Lorena Guillen. SAP Business One Consultant in San Antonio, TX

Lorena Guillen is a Senior Consultant for Consensus. She began her journey with Consensus as a customer when she needed a new ERP system for her company. After a successful experience with the software, Lorena became an experienced user and began a new career as a consulting specialist for Consensus customers. Lorena’s first-hand experience with the software allows her to guide her customers through obstacles they may encounter during implementation. She also teaches prospective users how to deal with common pains that arise when making the transition to a new ERP. Lorena is currently living in Texas with her husband and is the proud owner of a few ranches. When she is not busy guiding her customers to success, Lorena is taking care of her many farm animals, amongst them, an orphan baby goat that has taken over her office and is one of her hardest workers.