Our Values

Honesty and Integrity | Be Trustworthy

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards of conduct, both professionally and personally. Honesty is the foundation of Truth and Integrity; conducting ourselves this way creates a High Trust Environment where the best possible outcomes are routine. We honor our commitments and bring the best of Consensus to every client relationship, resulting in long-term partnerships. We abide by this founding principle of doing what is right for our Customers, Vendors and team members


Teamwork | We are One Team

It’s the spirit of Consensus to make everyone successful. We share the wealth of experience and knowledge between our team members and customers to solve challenges in the best way possible.


Customer-centric | Solve Problems that Matter

We go out of our way to understand our customers’ true requirements and real needs through a lens of experience which helps us solve problems that truly matter. Our customer-centric mindset ensures the best outcome for our customers and promotes long-term partnerships. At consensus, Customer service is not a department, it is everyone’s job!


Empathy | Be Kind

We understand the challenges and frustrations our customers, vendors and colleagues face in the ever-changing, fast pace digital economy. Empathy, Understanding and above all… Kindness, breaks down barriers, obstacles and surfaces the real problems to be solved.



Creativity | Be the very best You

We strive to be life long learners and continuously hone our skills and knowledge so that we can bring fresh, creative ways to make things work better for our customers. With the experience of hundreds of customer implementations, we have the Talent and Tools to solve unique challenges and take our customers’ businesses to higher levels of performance. At Consensus, we believe these challenges release the very best of our Creativity, Skill and Talent. Out of the box, creative thinking, is our best asset!


Our Story- Milestones


Consensus International was established by a group of experienced consultants that collectively have helped over 650 small and medium size companies implement information technologies to grow their revenue and their profits. Our clients have achieved their business goals, such as reducing inventory, improving cash management, strengthening their financial position, and increasing customer satisfaction, among others.
With Operations in the Us and Colombia, Consensus wants to grow with your company and continues to innovate and expand its business today. 



Consensus in the SAP® World


  • Consistently in the Top 5 SAP resellers in NA
  • First implementation in NA of SAP B1 for HANA in 2013
  • Member of the PAC, Partner Advisory Council for SAP
  • First implementation Worldwide of SAP B1 9.2 for HANA
  • First Reseller in Colombia to get SAP Recognized Expertise in 2015
  • SAP Business One Partner Award for Excellence in Revenue Growth in North America 2015 
  • SAP North America Partner Excellence Award 2017 for SAP Business One

Receiving the NA Partner Excellence Award 2017 for SAP Business One




Why work with us

 A whole team of creative consultants that care for your company and will help you increase your revenue and profit, establish stronger connections with your clients and help you streamline all the operations that take place within your company. 

 Our values (integrity, teamwork and creativity, at your service)  

 Thanks to our wide experience providing solutions to companies with regional presence, we can offer a consistent and standardized solution that will allow your business to start moving forward in a short period of time. Our commitment to quality and service ensures that your expectations are exceeded. 

 Fully bilingual team. Consensus International, SAP® Business One reseller in the US and Colombia has affiliate companies in other LATAM Countries; we are committed with our client's success and are prepared to serve companies located in the US, especially those that do business with other organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

 North America Partner Excellence Award 2017 for SAP Business One


Our extensive expertise, our team of fully bilingual consultants and our presence in North and South America make us the best fit for Companies doing business globally with links to the Caribbean and Latam.




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